2. Zagros mountains to Shiraz

Isfahan and its suburbs are the second most populous metropolitan area in Iran, about 3.8Million inhabitants.

On my way south I passed a few amusement parks before I hit some serious mountain scenery: on my way to Shiraz I will have to climb a few times 2500m and the mountains around me are up to 4500m high.

Some snow in the mountains, some rain in the valley below and a storm to remember...

One of my camping spots on the way. A steep climb away from the main road. Undisturbed sleep.

Early morning on the camp site close to Yasuj and fresh fish was sold along the road. The maps I used (like openstreetmap) did not show any shops or restaurants for a long way between Gandoman and Shiraz, but there was no need to get worried about food or water, even the people in the motorized vehicles have needs and there are plenty opportunities. From time to time a car stopped and people asked me if I had enough to drink with me.

Shiraz - city of poets, gardens, wine, nightingales and flowers. Among the poets are Hafez and Saadi, famous gardens are Eram garden and Afif-Abad garden and sure sometimes it was the lark, and not the nightingale... and I can confirm that Shiraz has the most amazing blooming roses :-) but concerning wine, there is not much going on.

Hafez Mausoleum


Madraseh-ye Khan