Otago Central Rail Trail and a real pushbike

Lindis Pass and the way to Clyde was a bit tiresome, because whatever direction I cycled the wind turned against me. Otago is not as green as most of New Zealand, there are Burren landscapes, but their wines can be rich in a good year. Otago Central Rail Trail was created along a rail track, so you pass over viaducts and through tunnels as the old train did. I did it slow as recommended and spent nearly a full day on that 150km gravel track (most people rush it in 4 days). In Middlemarch I met a Swiss couple who are cycling now for the last 4 years (not only the Otago Rail Trail). A few demanding hills down to the coast and my next aim were The Catlins and Nugget Point. Early next morning some misfortune happened:
Road works, sticky tar on the road, small gravel with that stuff, gravel sticks to tyre, gets thrown on the chain, gets stuck in the derailleur, uphill with strong forces, derailleur gets in spokes, that wheel was built by myself and is stronger than derailleur, stronger than drop-out. 15 min later I had a single speed bike and cycled and pushed over the hills along the coast (I have a push bike now) for another 130km to Invercargill. These are the days...
Bike shop was open this morning, but had no more 9 speed stuff, and my chain needed replacement after 5000 strenuous kilometer, new derailleur, new cassette, emergency drop out that I brought with me, but maybe a real replacement coming in from Christchurch on Tuesday, I will be off to Stewart Island until then and do the Rakiura track.